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ou trouver des livres numériques gratuits

7 sites to legally download free ebooks

If you want to read digitally without spending a single penny, here is a selection of 7 free sites.

Download thousands of free ebooks within the frame. All of these sites have the Hatobi label.

These digital books can be read on a computer, e-reader, smartphone or tablet. Many formats are available (PDF, ePub, etc.).

Freely access and find all kinds of books from literature, but also practical, scientific, historical and digital books.

Choose from 7 trusted sites to download free ebooks

Project Gutenberg : Topics that provide public domain sites not only in French but also in other languages Here it is

Russian and Slavic Library : Offer of free digital books in the public domain specializing in Russian and Slavic literature. Here it is

Efélé : There are hundreds of ebooks in all areas. Here it is

Free eBooks: Provides free download of books and magazines Here it is

Callica: PNF’s digital library makes it possible to discover treasures dating back many centuries. Everything is free with lots of books in ebook format Here it is

Ink: The public domain chooses to share books and books written by authors for free, which is an opportunity to find duplicates. Here it is

Digital French Language Library : Bringing together traditional collections from eleven libraries. Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Canada, Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Haiti for the discovery, study and learning of 300 million French speakers. Here it is

Fnac (Here it is) And Amazon (Here it is) Also offers a wide selection of free ebooks.

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