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Visual issues: MacOS 11.1 does not help

Visual issues: MacOS 11.1 does not help

The screen is black: On a Mac with a USB-C port, two screens connected directly via the displayboard and via USB-C can cause problems. In fact, with the update for MacOS 11.2, as Apple release notes explicitly point out, such difficulties are now a thing of the past.

The Inputs in Apple Support Forums Speak another language. Accordingly, the connections between the USB-C and the display port are particularly complex. For some users, installing MacOS 11.2 Beta started having problems – before that, they had no problem.

The screen is not always black; Sometimes, despite the hardware’s 4K resolution, Full HD is only output at a lower refresh rate.

In some cases, users can adjust the situation and use an adapter for HDMI instead so that the screen can handle it.

Screen issues are not only on the M1 Mac, but also on those fitted with Intel processors. Critics who have previously accused Apple of not testing the new M1 devices properly with external devices are therefore wrong.

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