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Eintracht wins and stays unbeaten in nine games: Frankfurt's Streak DSG Hoffenheim - Also on Sport

Eintracht wins and stays unbeaten in nine games: Frankfurt’s Streak DSG Hoffenheim – Also on Sport

Fast, quick and fantastic when it comes to football: Eintracht Frankfurt is definitely still in the Champions League and will be the loser at the Bundesliga in 2021. On Sunday DSG 1899 at Hoffenheim Coach Adi Hatter’s team won 3-1 (1-0).

Philip Gostic (15th minute), Ivan Endica (62nd) and Andre Silva (64th) scored for the guests with the 17th goal of the season. Ihlas Bebo (47th) created the interim balance.

Eintrach congratulations after the 20th match day and the last nine games (seven wins, two draws) on the table from fourth place. In twelfth place, Hoffenheim is mediocre.

Houter left Luka Djokovic, who borrowed from Real Madrid, on the bench in his fifth game. The guest attack department from the beginning, even without the Serbs, caused difficulties for the Hoffenheimers. With precise passes at the interfaces, Kevin Vogt tore through the eyelash holes in the arranged defense.

That player got a new man next to him in Chris Richards: Bayern borrowed the 20-year-old American international shortly before the transfer closed and was allowed to play from the start.

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The early head of Indrach did not go to Richards’ side. Amin Younis put the best kostik in the light of the left. The winger – who is currently alone with his friend and former Indracht expert Mijat Kasinovic – was shot from a sharp angle.

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Pebu meets shortly after the replacement

With the addition of Pebu after the break, coach Sebastian Honek showed a lucky hand: the striker fueled in the opposite penalty area and scored the equalizer from the same point as Gostic on the first goal. Encouraged, the Hoffenheim team picked up speed and took an almost lead with Isaac Belfort (52nd).

But then Eintrach scored two headers in the space of a few minutes. Ghost shined as a two-time producer, with both Entica and Silva nodding. So the Frankfurt no longer believed Jovik to be a joker. Hooter scored three times in four area trips, but still picked up the attack in the 72nd minute.

The second game on Sunday – Armenia Peelfeld against Werder Bremen – was canceled at noon due to the heavy onset of winter in the region. The German Football League announced that formal enforcement was not guaranteed. This decision was made in agreement with the referee due to “severe and continuous snowfall in relation to frost”. (dpa)