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Violation 2: Super Mac League - Switch - ntower

Violation 2: Super Mac League – Switch – ntower

Mexes are huge war robots that are especially popular in Japan. Among them, Gundam is one of the most popular branches of this type. So, it’s not surprising that these guys are frequently used in the video game world, including Override 2: Super Mac League. This is the Override: McCity prowl that appeared in this country in 2019. Although war robots in this game save the world from an alien invasion, they now act as entertainers to its continuation people. There are no longer any dangers to stop, so the Mex fight each other in the league to prove who can boast of a dense robot arm in ‘robot houses’.

The stadiums are small and manageable.

© Modus Studios Brazil

In professional mode, you control a rising pilot in the Ember Core Agency who wants to attack teams in the Robot Fight League. By his side is his agent Joe, who is available to help and advise. Unfortunately, the girl talks a lot between matches, which slows the pace down a bit. There are different modes on the agenda, such as one against one, two against two, and each against each other, such as a control war or a kind of mob system in which you have to defend a particular area. Before each fight you can choose whether you want to play against CPU or against other players online. But don’t give me too much confidence, I didn’t see an opponent in professional mode, so I was automatically thrown into the ring against a computer.

If you emerge as the winner, you will be rewarded with money, but you will also receive any sponsors who want to stimulate your interest with the contract. Of course, some requirements are attached to this. B. Win a match or hit 100 opponents in 30 minutes. If these are possible, even more lucrative rewards await a large sum of money to be brought into the treasury. It should be remembered that concluded contracts still attract the best sponsors, but only one contract can be accepted at a time. With the earned coal, among other things, you can buy new mech, armor or parts for war robots, which encourages the best donors to land.

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A little silly city – a shame that not much will be left in it after the fight.

© Modus Studios Brazil

In fights, more than twenty different ‘mexes each have the ability to perform similar actions. They can go down fast, catch and throw enemies or objects, create an obstacle in dangerous situations, double jump and attack with both hands or feet. Every war robot here is the same, they differ only in special attacks. So someone kicks z. B. When the enemy kicks upwards in the air, another beam of light smashes the opponent. The robots here all feel unique, and it’s fun to find the right one for your own game style.

Each individual war robot was given a lot of variations in design to give it its own touch. So you can go into the ring as a toaster, TV or robot frog. For the most part, the warriors are well balanced, however I had the feeling that some fighters are slightly stronger than others.Also, everyone has a very powerful special attack, which can only be used once the corresponding bar has been charged. For this you need to stand in the yellow glowing circle. Collectible weapons such as grenades, swords or rocket launchers also do a lot of damage, appearing roughly on maps. However, the main problem with fights is confusion, especially when fighting with four meshes at once. Thunderstorms and small explosions of effects often appear there, so you can sometimes not see what is happening on the screen. The controls are sometimes very clumsy and can control robots with some precision.

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The game offers ten different, but unfortunately smaller stadiums, ranging from a map soaked in lava to unusual stadiums such as a city, a beach area or a cake. Objects on maps such as buildings can be destroyed or sometimes used as projectiles. The Nintendo Switch version offers local mode for two players in addition to the online mode. However, in the PlayStation and Xbox versions, four players can give away their hats locally. Unfortunately, I did not find any enemies online, only once was able to compete in a match with 4 players against another human enemy. Unfortunately, as a single player, the game can not keep you on screen much longer, so Override 2 is better enjoyed with friends.