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Nintendo Player |  Monster Hunter Rise: New information shared and demo available tomorrow on Nintendo ESHAP

Nintendo Player | Monster Hunter Rise: New information shared and demo available tomorrow on Nintendo ESHAP

In the case of organized live streaming Capcom His Monster Hunter Rice New and important discoveries have been revealed.

Today in the daytime Capcom Announced new important news during its streaming event Monster Hunter Rice In a presentation held by no one other than the game maker, Rioso Sujimoto.

Among the various information shown with the attractive new trailer, the company announced the launch from tomorrow January 31 Available at Nintendo iShop Featured demo of the topic. In this trial version we will have the opportunity to play 4 passengers, and will be able to choose from 14 weapons that can be used in the final experience.

The demo will also feature new game features including the presence of pets and a new wirebag, so we warmly invite you to try this version as soon as it is available in the digital store. Nintendo.

The official press release is detailed here:

Today, during the “Monster Hunter Digital Event”, Capcom shared new details Monster Hunter Rice, The upcoming addition to the award-winning and best-selling Monster Hunter Action RPG series. Tomorrow, January 8th, throughout the month, the demo version of Monster Hunter Rice will be available for free download Nintendo iShop Per Nintendo Switch, To provide the first taste of the much-anticipated new chapter of the famed franchise for hungry hunters around the world.

The free Monster Hunter Rise demo, available for a limited time – tomorrow 8th January to 31st January – gives players plenty of time to enjoy the taste of this new Monster Hunter experience. The following methods and functions are available in the free demo here:

  • Training – Learn the basics of monster hunting, including the introduction of the new thread bug mechanic and Palamut Mount. For a single play.
  • Kevalkathura Wyvern– Enter an arena to enjoy Weaver Mount, which is a new feature that will guide hunters to ride monsters for a specific amount of time. For a single play.
  • Main task: Gron Isuchi – Suitable for budding warriors or hunters in need of upgrade. For single play, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.
  • Normal work: Mitsubishi – Serious challenge only for experienced players. Play only, local multiplayer and online multiplayer. Serious challenge only for experienced players. For single play, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.

It has also been revealed today that the all-new monster Ice Goose Harak debuted at Monster Hunter Rice. This predatory animal sends a shiver down the hunter’s spine, which roams the snowy fields in search of fresh prey, attacked by ice. Goose Harak is at home in the Frozen Islands, a new foggy, active environment that was once the nest for giant dragons, which only brave hunters will try to kill.

Many more monsters including Classic and Favorites will return to join the list of rising enemies in Monster Hunter Rise. In addition to the previously announced monsters, there will also be these threats: Logombi, Keshu, Gran Baki, Period, Mitsuun and Dykrex. Other new and already known new monsters will emerge in the coming months.

We remind you of that Monster Hunter Rice Available for purchase from March 26, 2021 Exclusively Nintendo Switch e Nintendo Switch Light.