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View via Google: Thousands of stolen passwords

View via Google: Thousands of stolen passwords

The phishing campaign accidentally makes passwords searchable for free via Google search

[, 21.01.2021] Check point A Phishing campaign Found, “It was able to capture thousands of passwords, and by accident they were searched for free on the Internet via Google search”. The main goal Office 365 Was. Fake announcements from scanners widely used in offices are given as a “magic hat” Xerox Company.

Christine Shanick, Image: Czech Point Software Technologies GmbH

Christine Shanick: The entire public may have unwanted access to stolen passwords

Passwords are stored on web pages marked by God

Checkpoint பாதுகாப்பு Software Technologies Limited Security Analyst. Exposed a phishing campaign that stole thousands of passwords from various email addresses. Is important “Outlook” via “Office 365” suffers Was. This access data is stored on web pages coded by Google. Hackers would not have considered this.
Search for stolen passwords via Google Search – “Other cunning criminals got food”. According to Verizon’s Data Violation Investigation Report 2020, phishing, theft of login data and “commercial email compromise” (BEC) are now ways of attacking 67 percent of all successful data leaks Out.

Employees were redirected to a fake website to enter passwords

Um August 2020 Started this campaign: “Phishing emails disguise themselves as Xerox scanner notifications and ask for addresses to open the attached HTML file.
Then staff Enabled for fake and personalized phishing page To become, “Where do you want to sign in – with Outlook 365 as usual. Access data of more than 1,000 employees was stolen in this way. They were actually stored in a text file on the servers, they were infected, yet they were recorded and coded by Google search. As a result, passwords suddenly became available for free via Google search, and it may have been misused even more.

Stolen passwords are in principle accessible to everyone

Mainly this is what companies did Energy and construction sectors Success – Behind it will be information technology and health care. “When you think of stolen passwords, you first think of sales on Darknet. In this case, however, every interested Internet user, and thus the entire public, had unwanted access to stolen information. “Announced Christine Shanick, “Regional Director Defense Engineering CER”, “CDO Office”, P. Der Checkpoint Software Technologies GmbH.
The attackers’ strategy was actually to store the data of the affected servers on specialized websites they created. “After the phishing campaign expires, these websites will search the affected server to quietly collect login data. However, the attackers not only captured the servers, but also forgot The same goes for Google search, Is very beautiful.

This method of stealing passwords has a high criminal potential

So this is another and very good example of how important this is Raising awareness about good IT security, Shanick emphasizes:
“The collected passwords were available to a large number of visitors, although this was very accidental on the part of the attackers. However, this method can be consciously used for very dangerous purposes with very sensitive data, for example to threaten someone.”

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Checkpoint Software Technologies Limited.
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