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Couples relies on mobile wallets to strengthen customer engagement

Couples relies on mobile wallets to strengthen customer engagement


Lastidia Paclon (Couples): “With the wallet, we are additionally providing a communication system to one of us with a new mobile channel. “

The French fashion brand The Couples has chosen mobile wallet apps or wallets as a new channel for customer engagement relying on the Captain Wallet solution.

AdvertisingAs part of its customer relations program, French fashion house The Couples relies on mobile wallets to use their own wallets to communicate with its customers. With the support of Captain Wallet, who provides a saucer solution around Apple Wallet and Google Bay, the brand has set up an organization aimed at enhancing customer engagement on mobile, which is based in the UK in France. United and the United States.

Captain Wallet’s solution allows you to dematerialize various marketing devices (loyalty cards, click and collect vouchers, discount vouchers, etc.) and integrate them into your mobile wallet. At Couples, customers are invited to download “The Club” from their mobile wallet via the integrated link with House’s Boss, the brand’s various marketing content. One click is enough to add this card to your wallet without downloading an app. Then, Couples can use the service to send personalized information to its customers in push mode: news, business offers, news and benefits.

Personalized relationship with customers

Five months after using the wallet, the brand has seen a good deal of adoption among its customers, with the rate of 75% inclusion of The Club Pass in the wallet and a retention rate of 98%. So Couples has decided to increase entry points, plan to add links to its site or transaction emails, as well as advertise at its point of sale.

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“Customization of the customer journey is essential to creating a unique conversation with everyone and delivering the right content to the right person at the right time on the right channel,” underscores Lostidia Paclon, CRM and Customer Project Manager at The Couples. “In addition to the wallet, we also provide our interconnection system with a new mobile channel to constantly enhance the conversation with our community. “

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