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Video.  Does the truck bury the waste at the base construction site?  See: "Another report. Additional checks required"

Video. Does the truck bury the waste at the base construction site? See: “Another report. Additional checks required”

Altivol (TV). A truck that dies on the ground Bury the waste in a few bags With a bundle of freeway Basements of Venice. This is an indestructible extreme scene with a mobile phone by a citizen living in the area Ultivol, Near Azolo Treviso Province.

The incident took place on January 8 at the construction siteLargest shipping port in Italy, Especially in the section of road under construction in the provinces Treviso and Vicenza. A scene that is concerned with building the freeway, considering all the stumbling blocks (some serious, others very serious) that have come to the surface in recent months.

You can see the truck unloading the earth on top of the debris for about twenty seconds, while two workers look down from below. One of them is at the top of a ladder leaning against a concrete wall: He did not notice the colored bags Currently there. The cover-up has not stopped yet.

The video quickly spread on the web, and many groups did Has been struggling for years against the perception of work. A news release came after the truth Veneto area Fact: “The project system immediately demanded explanations from the client and notified the competent authorities to investigate the case”.

She revealed herself about what the video showed Christina Luke, The Veneto Regional Councilor with Europa Verde, in a post on Facebook actually took back all the shadows of Pedemontana “Block list“.” Over the past 5 years I have wanted to recreate every aspect of Pedimontana’s construction There were many and disturbing reports Make it clear that this is not an isolated case. “

The principle behind Carda’s speech is precisely this: All of these facts would never have come to light if a citizen had not been willing to make a video on the matter.. “Every report of a resident reporting an emergency or failure to comply with safety regulations is always underestimated by the region, which always takes Federation Sis e He did not question what he was getting“.

“She is OK Nothing in question – He continues – even when checked by the local police or carabinerNon-compliance with safety regulations, As happened in Mallow for example “.

The councilor has been fighting for years for transparency in communication between the region and citizens on the issue of Pedomontana. A conversation that is always one way. “I have filed complaints in the past so that the lawyer can express himself in a transparent manner in these cases, not only to protect health, but also to protect the protected areas. The ground was roasted, and the bandages and gaps were fixed“.

“Aside from the environmental and health aspects, it makes me very concerned The attitude of a private individual who creates work before a company attaches itself as a guarantee to citizens. The politician must also play his part From a human point of view Not just technology. I do not accept it. “

“What we have been asking for for years is to comment to God Checks that they are stable on all active construction sites“, End.”Additional restrictions must be implemented“.