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CES 2021 - Robarac Introduces S7 Robot, Part Vacuum, Part Floor Wipe

CES 2021 – Robarac Introduces S7 Robot, Part Vacuum, Part Floor Wipe

Seven months after marketing S6 Max Vs., Chinese manufacturer Robrak is back with the first model of a new range, the S7. This vacuum cleaner relies on its “vibration” wiper function above all else.

RoboRock already expands the list of robot vacuum cleaners that have already been provided with a newer model, the S7. This robot benefits from the mob function: nothing new under the sun, because until now, all the robots of the brand have been fitted in such a system.

However, the S7 brings an invention because it is called the wipe “Elevated Sonic Vibration”. In short, this model is considered to remove stains on the floor, which is highly recyclable, thanks to the extreme speed of the vibrating wipe. Therefore, the manufacturer is no longer content to use wipes, which will remove slightly stubborn dust like previous models, but are intended to clean the floor.

So Robarac has provided its S7 with a napkin system that can go from 1650 rpm to 3000 rpm for gentle cleaning. An in-depth mode allows the robot to clear twice in the same area. This concept is reminiscent of robot maps Hobot Liji688, Its wipe vibrates up to 600 movements per minute.

A promising uplifting method

As for the new height technology, it provides easy navigation even when mob mode is enabled. So when the S7 detects carpets, a system called Vipraris automatically lifts the wipe. On paper, this is very unique.

In addition to this wiper function, there is a new staple brush designed to facilitate its maintenance in use. Made of soft rubber similar to vacuum cleaners iRobot In the latest generation, this material prevents brushing problems and other hairs.

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Equipped with a laser rangefinder to find one’s way in space, the S7 is paired with WiFi and paired with a Roberock app for remote use. So the user can observe the robot cleaning in real time by using virtual beacons to control mapping, program cleaning times or access to certain places. With this new model, the application benefits from a minor upgrade, and it is now possible to distinguish the vacuum cleaner from the absorbed area.

The Robrak S7 requires less than 3 hours of continuous cleaning in quiet mode, which is one of the most durable compared to ours. It will go on sale in France in the second quarter of 2021 for $ 549.