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Victim of a hawk's twitch platform

Victim of a hawk’s twitch platform

An Internet user released a series of documents to the 4chan discussion group on Wednesday, October 6, claiming to have received the source code for Twitz, a number of internal files and a live video streaming site. The company confirmed In a tweet When told that a leak had occurred “Work urgently to understand size” Of the situation.

List of files available for download (including) The world Authenticity could not be verified) The published documents often show that the site’s infrastructure is similar to the tools and codes used to manage its security, advertisement display, data audience analysis, and so on. Confirmed list by a specialized medium called Record.

Revenue from streamers

In total, 128 gigabytes of data were placed online, promising that the web users who published them were from online repositories that would allow them to share computer code. The same person claims to have hacked these files for revenge “Community [de Twitch] This is toxic sewage. “, A reference to moderate problems in which the site is falsely accused. Other stolen documents have not yet been released, the user continues.

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These documents contain a turnover list especially created by the creators who follow the platform the most, where some internet users film themselves playing video games, playing music or simply talking, sometimes in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers. Many Creators Confirmed the reliability of this list and the disclosed statistics, Do not germinate, One of the most important French streamers.

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