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Three upcoming tricks that will change everything

Three upcoming tricks that will change everything

WhatsApp is about to introduce three very important changes in its usage, which will surely make millions of users around the world happy.

Share It is ready for a great revolution. The world’s most popular messaging processor has recently introduced some new features Temporary News Or vowels that can be heard at twice the speed, but the three functions that are to come soon will be even more important.

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Rumors about this always come from Wabetainfo, which is likely to touch all the news of the app closely by using the beta version. Let’s start with probably the most anticipated activity, and that’s it Allow all users to hide their last login only from certain individuals.

The function must be called “Apart from my contacts” And it will be one of the privacy options: users, previously only able to choose between showing and hiding last access to everyone, will now create a sort of “blocklist” that will block last access only to specific individuals.

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WhatsApp, not just privacy: New voice messages and reactions to the project

But the message does not end here as we told you. WhatsApp intends to introduce a new feature that will allow Copy the received voice messages. Welcome functionality, especially for those who can’t stand long audio.

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Translates the words “transcript” into textHowever, surgery can only be performed when connected to the Internet. However, already processed messages will be in the local application database and can be consulted later without having to repeat the process.

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Another novelty, this method is completely social, is the introduction Reactions to received messages. As is already happening on Facebook and Instagram, you can add a smile, thumb or sad face to the message. This option is available not only for single chats but also for groups.

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It is not yet clear whether these features will be released simultaneously and to all users. So we invite you to keep an eye on this Updates In the coming weeks.