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Very dangerous in the news

Very dangerous in the news

The Italian Postpay is still under attack. The new phishing attempt is very risky because the email is (almost) perfect.

Postpaid is under attack again Fraudsters, if ever there was a fight. Smart working criminals have now sharpened their weapons and increased themselves in attempts to gain access to the lives and accounts of others. There are no ridiculous Italian errors in emails and messages: they no longer use translation, but apparently use native language translators. Today, fraudsters know how to write emails and know how to keep up with the times and new laws.

That’s why the latest gimmick is so dangerous: You will soon read, the news compiled by the criminals is almost credible because it now touches on a topic that everyone loves: Spit. You can fall for it, and in a few minutes the paper is filtered when it happens. With the evolution of Postpay, the risk is even greater because post office card can also get wire transfers, and many are now using it instead of the current account: all the money on a single card, to the delight of thieves.

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PostPay Evolution: The text of the email you need to send to the trash immediately

Phishing is a message that scammers are trying to break into people’s accounts and databases. They shoot in the pile, chrominals: the mails they send, the more likely someone is to fall for it. So, to prevent even one of us from betraying us, here is the text of the fraudulent email they run online.

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Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you about the change in the general terms and conditions of the “PosteID SPID-enabled” digital identity service in the new version.

What changes do you have?

  • Basic service, As described in the General Terms of Service, It is free for individuals. There are no changes regarding the function and use of digital identity.
  • Eventually the future changes General terms of service will be notified to owners in advance, The Post considers following through specific information on the site or notice board or through other channels or methods.

Remember that

You will no longer be able to use your Postpaid card if you do not accept the contract changes. We also need your cooperation to update your online profile information within 48 hours of receiving this communication.

Implemented with update

If you continue with the update, you will see that your card and account will be empty in a few minutes, so never open the link and drop the email immediately.