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Chump hits viola, Muriel Sardinia takes the stage - football

Chump hits viola, Muriel Sardinia takes the stage – football

Cochlear-Atlanta 0-1

Muriel gives Atlanta three points out of 90. An unfortunate Cagliari lost 1-0, hoping he would have won by one point. Thanks to this victory, Casparini’s team climbed 40 points, approaching the Champions League zone along with Lazio and Napoli, while de Francesco’s team is in third place from last place with 15 points.

De Francesco’s team came to a good start and hit the post in the second minute: from a cross from Marin’s flag, Atlantino Jim City turned the ball to Sportello’s right on the wood and touched his own goal. Some instances in the first half. In the second half Cagliari tries unluckily with Joao Punt, a new entry Muriel, who worked on the left edge in the 90’s, drips off to Sabba and Valukivic, enters the area and starts right on the right with Krakno which does not escape the Sardinian goalkeeper. The referee fines Cagliari for the alleged de-run on Rugani in ’95, but after a trial in Ware he withdraws his action between de Francesco’s frustration and Atlanta.
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Samptoria 2-1 Fiorentina
In the match validated for the 22nd match of Serie A, Sampdoria beat Maradia 2-1 by three points against Fiorentina. Thanks to this win, Ronnier’s team is up 30 points, while Brandelli’s team needs to settle for another stop and is at 22 points. The hosts’ advantage came in the 31st minute of the first half: in a corner from Ramirez on the right, Geeta Drakowski scored 1-0 in anticipation of a departure with a header. Lily reacted immediately. 37 ‘Auto Bulger is amazing on a free kick kicked, but Vlahovic rushes towards the ball to beat the net with Atro, he is still able to touch the ball with a reflection, but this time the ball crossed the line 1-1 and the goal was verified thanks to goal-line technology.

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In the second half, Fiorentina tried to take advantage and in the 54th minute when a free-kick from the left by Brockie, Martinez Quarta hit the post, Adero was able to get out. Brandelli’s team wants three points, but Bonaventura is soon wasted. However, the danger of the viola in the counter-attack with Geeta is close to scoring on two occasions. 71 ‘Chump takes the lead: Condreva goes to the right and kicks Quacliarella first with his left hand, an inevitable end is deflected by Pessella, who is ruled out with a shot that could have hit him with Drakowski. The 86 ‘sump trembles with Malcolm unloading to Brock for a beautiful purple action, but is saved in the line of goalie on the right. At 95 Milenkovic touches the post to the right of Odero, with Samboria and Ferrero celebrating the three points they won on the stand.
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