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Valentino Rossi thrown by Maverick Vinolz: "No unity"

Valentino Rossi thrown by Maverick Vinolz: “No unity”

Maverick Vinales points to Valentino Rossi on the day presented by the Yamaha factory team: “Everyone followed their own path”.

It will be an updated Maverick vinyl participating in the 2021 MotoGP season. He will no longer have Valentino Rossi by his side, he is no longer a bachelor, he has a firm intention of kicking 2020 and putting an end to the ups and downs. There were days when the Spaniard practically could not win. Others are characterized by difficult races, erroneous beginnings, and various complications. This is the area he needs to work on, as well as expecting an updated prototype. It will certainly not be a revolution, the accelerator will be the Achilles heel, but the mechanical valve problem will be archived.

The new tracking term is fixed. “I tried to be quiet. For me this is the most important thing right now. I have changed a lot in the last few years. That’s why I want to ensure stability and peace. You learn a little more each year. I hope I can give my best. I feel good, happy and balanced“Vinales said at the team’s presentation. Something has changed in personal life as well.”Yes, I got married. The time has come. I found the right woman“.

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On and off the track, Figueroa rides prefer a balanced environment and a positive atmosphere. “For us, unity, team is very important“The departure of Valentino Rossi? This could be a plus.”For the past three years, everyone has been following their own path somehow. We are not a unit. We are now trying to bring together 24 people on the team. We are a team“Maverick talks about two unique souls in a Yamaha garage until last MotoGP season.”My team and Valentino have been there in recent years. Now Yamaha has the opportunity to form a team. Thus we can work in the same direction with both drivers“.

Dazzling words like a bolt from the blue on presentation day. No discrepancies have been leaked in previous years. Vinyl has always declared itself in line with the VR46 team. Looks like the mask will be dropped on presentation day. “I’m not Rosie now, for that I need a lot of world titles. I know what stock I have and what I have on my shoulders. I will try to restore the trust that has been placed in me“Valentino Rossi will continue to own a factory M1 and contribute to the evolution of the YZR-M1. It will be in the home garage next to the Petronas team.”Rosie didn’t even leave us. He is still an official driver and only wears different colors. Of course, this will have the same weight that Yamaha always has. Fabio coming to us is positive. Can carry a lot with him. In the end we are a team“.

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Lack of critical results is 50-50% liability. On the one hand the inconsistency of its character, on the other hand the technical gaps. “Of course I can blame myself, but sometimes I blame the Yamaha… It’s about trusting the bike when the tank is full and the tires are not at the optimum temperature yet. I believe in the plan. That’s why I want to continue with Yamaha. It’s true that I had problems last year, but we know our problems. We must act in peace. It’s all about the details because the bike is fast. Luck should be on our side because we had a lot of misfortunes last year – Finished Vinyl -. I think we will have a lot of fun“.

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