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Dad Keiziro Toyama explains his new horror game vision

Dad Keiziro Toyama explains his new horror game vision

In the new video compiled Keiziro Toyama, Silent Hill’s dad explains his creative vision to continue his next horror film He left Sony and founded Bokeh Game Studio.

As Creative Director At Bokeh Game Studio, Toyama describes his past experiences “I always choose to take more creative directions for my work. The game I play now, for example Really dark And that is far from my latest works Back to my roots They are always associated with horror experiences. However, rather than being deeply rooted in fear and horror, it will be for the project ‘Entertainment Note’ This will ensure that users are always happy while playing it. “.

Volcano Japanese developer continues his speech, Confirms that he works in a horror game, Explains it “My vision of horror is an experience that should shake up everyday life. My horror games don’t have to show scary things. Express this uncomfortable feeling This makes users always ask themselves questions to make them understand that we do not live in a peaceful world. I like to take this kind of concept forward in my games and try to do the same in my next topic. “.

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