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Vacuum tRrLM (); ++ Available for PlayStation 5 from May

Vacuum tRrLM (); ++ Available for PlayStation 5 from May

NIS USA announces fan favorite: vacuum tRrLM (); ++ // Vacuum Terrarium ++ will be released on May 21, 2021 for the PlayStation 5. The release of the next gen operating system follows the successful versions of the vacuum tRrLM () for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, which delighted fans around the world. The next gen version is not only beautiful, but also has extra bonus content.

In this roguelike RPG, the world has become uninhabitable due to a toxic fungal attack. A rejected maintenance robot finds a woman named Torico, whose life is in danger. He may be the last person in the world. To protect her, the rejected robot, also known as Factory AI, Torico, creates a retreat to a landscape, otherwise she has no chance of surviving in the outside world.

To strengthen security and further strengthen Toriko, the lone robot must search for resources in the barren land and fight with roaming machines and alien creatures there. Along the way, Torico’s fate is determined – and during the adventure, humanity slowly emerges …


  • Hope in a Cold World – Twilight in Rose in Twilight and htoL # NiQ: The Firefly Diary combines a beautiful look with the dark and bizarre post-apocalyptic world in the White Terrarium.
  • System Update: Void Terrarium ++ is even more beautiful and shines on the PlayStation 5 with better performance. Additional content is waiting for fans, for example new emotions, hair loss, diseases and new environment to explore.
  • Legacy Protocol: The incredible graphical style of the vacuum terrarium, the unique rookie gameplay and observation system all celebrate the return to the screen.
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