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Perigni.  The municipality is moving in the era of digital communication

Perigni. The municipality is moving in the era of digital communication

There is something new in the city in terms of information for residents who own a smartphone or tablet.

In fact, Mayor Christian Moog Cain explains: “I wish elected officials could provide municipal information to residents, thanks to a mobile app called“ Panel Pocket ”. It should strengthen communication and social relations in the municipality, especially in the period in which we are currently living.

Province alerts and orders, weather warnings, network cuts, road works, municipal councils, daily life events and demonstrations … At home or on the move, at work or on vacation, residents of Perigni will be connected with the news of their municipality, but also neighboring municipalities and their favorite places.

All in one

In fact, the “panel pocket” brings together companies that are part of the citizen’s ecosystem in one application. Therefore, citizens are in favor of municipalities, municipalities, water unions, schools including household waste treatment, firefighters’ unions and communities including their preferred gendermary. In fact, the population is reported in real time through an interface. Henceforth, information and alerts will always be close in the pocket of Perignois.

No personal data

Since 2016, the application has been used by more than 4,500 municipalities and officials between 66 municipalities. Accessible to all French people and free to download, there is no need to create an account for the app or create any other personal data of the citizen. Without advertising, just a few seconds is enough to install the “panel pocket” on your smartphone and bookmark one or more municipalities. The panel pocket is also available from a computer at, making it accessible to all.

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All you have to do is download the app for free on your phone or tablet by searching for: Panel Pocket in the App Store, Play Store or App Gallery. Open the panel pocket and assign your favorite city by clicking “Heart” next to its name.