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Archives: CIAF publishes a coding guide for web downloads

Archives: CIAF publishes a coding guide for web downloads

The French Archives Administration Service (CIAF) has now released Table guide for the web Available at National Archives. In addition to this download guide, practical tools (flow charts and reference tables) are also available online.

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New online search habits (search filters, natural language queries, bounce browsing, etc.) are a real challenge for archivists who face the adoption of a new log (Ric) descriptive model in addition to the current revision. Basic Terms or Standards for the Interpretation of Archives (RDA-FR, EAD, FNE Scheme).

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Guide-index-web-archivesIn this context and in the face of the great diversity of scheduling procedures and choices, the Interim Service of the Interim Service of the Archives of France (CIAF) has a working group on the interpretation and scheduling of archives online Table guide for the web. Its objective: to “develop a centralized and standardized indexing practice in archive services” and to “update the rules that have been followed so far” at the center of business practices. If archive metadata represents the bulk of online indexing today, their visibility in the data network is not always followed (inability to integrate, inter-links, etc.).

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“Using shared repositories, thinking about merging, sharing and reusing, providing multiple access to data, and treating the machine as an intermediary between the archivist and the user are all new concepts that archivists need to keep in mind when scheduling.”

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This downloadable guide has multiple reading levels indicated by the galleries for everyone involved in scheduling (coder, pilot, expert and quality manager). Organized into three parts, it provides strategic and management methods, technical advice (selection of tags, attributes, etc.) and finally rules for creating labels.

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“This guide should not overlook the many precise rules for determining labels so that each archive service can modify, or at least prepare, changes related to the disclosure of data on the Internet according to its instructions. In its own context”, we read in the introduction to this guide.

It should be noted that this guide does not handle the total recovery of goods that should be subject to specific guidelines or plans.