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Vaccine |  What does the QR code do?

Vaccine | What does the QR code do?

You may have received the electronic proof of the vaccine, the popular QR code, by email. What is this code for? How to download it? If there are errors in it, what should you do to fix it? Press Answers your questions.

Suzanne ColbronSuzanne Colbron

What information is contained in this QR code?

Sent to vaccinated Quebecs from May 13, this code contains the name of the vaccine received, the date it was administered and the number of doses received. As of May 20, 2,179,605 emails had been sent and 1,391,815 vaccine certificates had been uploaded.

How to download it?

First, make sure the email came from [email protected]. If so, click the blue link to download it. You can save it on your phone by taking a screenshot or recording it manually.

What to do if there is misinformation?

It can really happen. Alain Lamar, an immunologist affiliated with the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS), paid for the link on March 13 to download his 83-year-old father’s QR code via email this week. The name and date of birth on the document are correct, but the name of the vaccine is not. “AstraZeneca” is incorrectly indicated.

“I remember my dad telling me he got the Pfizer vaccine. So I told myself, this is different, maybe he is wrong, ”he says. Mr. Lamar checked with his father, who had paper evidence of what had been given to him after his vaccination. The name that appears on the paper is Pfizer.

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“I would have expected the QR code to be pulled directly from the database. To me it sounds like an hour ago that there is a manual process and that information is entered in the mitten. You can make mistakes in doing that, ”he explains.

Press Asked the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS). “The QR code is provided from the database of the vaccine registry,” says one. This may be the entry error of the immunization staff in the immunization register. “

“If there are any errors in the QR code, you can call 1-877-644-4545. Agents will take you to the right place, ”it says.

Monique Langlois, for her part, received a QR code that was not intended for her. “I don’t know what to do with the code I don’t have,” he explains. It belongs to a man named Michael Langlois, who was vaccinated in Woodruley. These emails are generated automatically. We cannot answer that. So, I can’t report the error. ”

MMe Langlois Services contacted Quebec by phone for answers. “Agents have not received any instructions regarding the answers to be given, but they have received calls from those who have received codes with incorrect information,” he says.

What is the QR code for?

It’s hard to say right now. This code has not yet been implemented, the ministry recalls. “To read QR code requires a” de-encrypt “key, and only MSSS has this key,” says one.

Roxanne Borges da Silva, a professor at the University of Montreal School of Public Health, is surprised at the goals and points out delays in exports. He has been vaccinated since May 13 and has not yet received a call to upload proof of his vaccine.

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“Of course, when we reopen the borders and people start to travel, we have to work with the international community to create a vaccine passport,” he says. We will not have a choice. There is pressure. Of course. In Quebec, on the other hand, the QR code for a dose, I do not see what it is. As we all know, one dose does not bring complete effectiveness, it requires two doses. ”

MMe Borges da Silva added, “Based on a single dose obtained, it is scientifically unsubstantiated and unreliable for people to enter closed spaces such as restaurants or theaters.”

A person with COVID-19 needs only one dose of the vaccine. If her QR code indicates a level, how can she prove she is immune?

“My partner, my son and I had Govt in July 2020,” one anxious reader wrote. “We have now received our first dose of vaccine [Christian] Dubey says over and over again that we don’t need a second dose. On the other hand, the QR code does not take this fact into account. So we have a QR code indicating that we have received a dose. We are 347,000 in this situation. And, of course, we want proof that we are immune. ”

The MSSS states that the electronic evidence of a given vaccine is not evidence of immunity. The use and utilization of this electronic resource in Quebec is defined in terms of public health recommendations. Tasks continue. “