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Types of apps that you should not download on your smartphone

Types of apps that you should not download on your smartphone

With millions of applications in the official stores of Android I will do iOSYou will definitely download a lot of these, especially after you buy them. Prison Prison Brand new and has plenty of storage space. But making your life easier seems like a good idea and can cause severe headaches.

Among the wide range of applications for smartphones, some of them pose compelling threats. By installing on your device, you are paving the way for viruses and other file types MalwareWho can steal personal data and PasswordsFollow your steps and do a lot of damage.

To protect yourself and EvaluationIt is better to avoid installing certain programs. Here are some types of apps that should not be downloaded on your smartphone.

Flashlight applications and other original features

You do not need to download the app to activate your phone’s flashlight.They are: Unsplash

Although flashing feature is available on mobile devices, many people download third-party applications that provide this tool. This also applies to the keyboard and many other features that are often found in ad support applications with aggressive permissions.

To use this you need to access a list of contacts and locations by placing a file Privacy is at stake. In addition, they take up unnecessary storage space because the phone already has such functions in the factory.

APK files

APK files are very popular among Android users.They are: Pixabay

It is used by users of the operating system GoogleIt allows you to download applications from unofficial sources, the Android Application Package (APK) is a software installation package similar to .exe files. Window. It allows you to install targeted programs. Not available Google Play Store.

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Can find the APK files of the camera Flow e Toys It enables free and illegal access to paid activities and attracts many interested parties. However, this file type can be manipulated and modified PiratesIt benefits by adding malware.

It should be noted that not all APK files contain malicious files, but there are risks involved in installing an application from an unknown source.

Unknown virus protection

Antivirus on the phone? The application divides ideas.Antivirus on the phone? The application divides the ideas.They are: Pixabay

Installations Antivirus On the cell phone, this is a split-concept procedure. While some support the use of security software, they strive for better protection against threats from the Internet and the environment. Smartphone theftOthers think the operating system does the job automatically, especially IPhone.

If you do not want to give up this extra help, be careful when choosing antivirus for your smartphone and avoid downloading versions from unknown developers. These projects are common Gather a lot of user data They do not explain what to do with them, and they can hide many traps disguised as security.

Applications to clear phone memory

Deleting unwanted apps actually helps clear your phone's memory.Deleting unwanted apps actually helps clear your phone’s memory.They are: Apple / Revelation

There are a wide range of applications for freeing up cell phone memory, which attract new users with the promise of making the device faster. But in general, such programs do not bring anything new, rely only on generic solutions, and hinder performance.

Instead of installing these “magic” programs, clean the device yourself. The simplest way to improve the application is to delete the unused applications. This is interesting Clear the application cache e Save the files to the cloud, Using specialized computer tools.

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Meat products

Predatory type applications can cause severe financial loss.Predatory type applications can cause severe financial loss.They are: Freebick

You Meat products These are apps that offer free trial periods and are charged proportionately to taste, and they can cause a hole in your wallet. It gives you the opportunity to try out exclusive features or paid games for free for a while.

However, if the user forgets to exit before the end of the freebie, the application will automatically start charging the associated credit card. Although they are not always considered malware, they need more attention when using them.

Money guarantee applications

To provide rewards, some programs require personal data.To provide rewards, some programs require personal data.They are: Freebick

Applications that you should not download include online store or operator credits, gift cards and other types of rewards earning apps. In return, you have to respond to surveys, complete tasks, review software, play games and watch videos.

The problem of these projects is primarily related Security Collected data may, in some cases, include location and even banking information. Depending on the application, participating in the campaign may require access to a cell phone’s microphone and camera, which poses a greater risk to your privacy.