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10 million subscribers, lots of news with new subscriptions -

10 million subscribers, lots of news with new subscriptions –

Nvidia Announced a lot of news for the second year Now GeForce, The cloud gaming platform is now over 10 million subscribers. The new subscription formula called Priority Member is excellent, offering the same benefits available to founder users for 99.99 per month: Priority access to game sessions, extended session duration and RTX Own.

Added a subscription capability Annual subscription . For 99.99, the news that delights many. Founder subscriptions are maintained at a special rate of 99 4.99 per month and receive new benefits.

Whatever it is, we will read all the details of the upcoming news for GeForce Now subscribers taken from the official newsletter:

GeForce is now entering its second year of life, with a steady increase in platform subscribers – 10 million subscribers to date, for this reason Nvidia has added new subscription solutions, targeting more stable and exciting news.

The first new premium offering, The Priority member, Which allows founders to have the same benefits as members, namely: Priority access to game sessions, extended session duration and RTX ON thanks to stunning graphics and DLSS in ray tracking and support games.

The Monthly Additions They are available for this type of subscription for 9. 9.99 per month. In addition, Nvidia has introduced a new annual subscription option for 99.99.

GeForce would not be the same now without the founding members. For this reason, we will add a new benefit, Founders for Life, which keeps the special introductory fee of 99 4.99 as long as the account is active.

Whether it is for a limited time or for a lifetime, we love our subscribers Founders, And all GeForce supporters are now part of our family.

Next level
We are very pleased with the feedback we receive from our subscribers; They are very useful to us as they allow us to improve the service and plan for future news. Here are some examples of updates and improvements made over the past year:

  • Many exciting launches of major titles, which are available directly from the day of their release, namely Cyberpunk 2077 and many other great free games;
  • The continued development of the sports library now includes more than 800 titles;
  • Opening more than 20 new data centers worldwide;
  • Expanding the capacity of existing data centers, which has allowed the service to be further developed;
  • Improved quality of service, with many more upgrades.

GeForce is now constantly evolving, and we continue to work to improve streaming quality and ease of use with the aim of adding more games.

With update 2.0.28, which is currently available to subscribers and available to everyone within a week, the streaming quality goes one step further.

Synchronizing the server side 60 or 59.94 Hz frame rates to integrate with the client side view is the most important support of Vsync adaptive technology, minimizing interruptions and delays in supported games. Also, a new adaptive de-jitter technology will allow you to increase the bit rate to get better quality even on unstable networks.

As mentioned above, we are now working hard to make GeForce easier to use by creating updates that allow subscribers into the game more quickly. In the first phase of these updates, the time will be halved to link the account with the major games on the platform, coming in the next 2 months, and useful updates to preload the games.

Additionally, we add resources to our exciting data centers and new locations for our servers. Next will be in Phoenix, Arizona, and then we will open our first Canadian data center in Montreal. We expect both centers to be operational by the end of 2021; This will reduce the waiting hours for priority and founding members.

In addition, there have been a lot of questions from our community about the arrival of GeForce now in new countries; Following a number of requests, we have entered into agreements with a new partner in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

GeForce Now Alliance partners manage regional data centers and now provide GeForce in local currency with local language support. This means reduced delays, significantly better ping times and shorter waits. The GeForce Now Alliance will not stop there, we will come to many regions!

In the name of your Thursday #GFN
Last but not least, we update our Thursday date with GFN – our current commitment to bringing the best PC games and service updates to our subscribers every week.

In 2020, we published an average of 10 titles per week. Our goal is to bring more and more games and halve the number by the end of the year. In addition, we continue to add support for additional digital game stores. If you missed the news, last week we released GOG.COM versions of four games from CD Project Red, including The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Game of the Year.

Considering that today is Thursday, our members cannot wrap up updates without adjusting to the new games weekly – we are now releasing 7 new titles on GeForce.

The complete list is here:

  • Do not feed monkeys (steam)
  • Corner (steam)
  • Loop Hero (Epic Sports Shop)
  • Monopoly Plus (Steam)
  • Snooker 19 (Steam)
  • System Shock: Improved Version (Steam)
  • Wanba Warriors (Steam)

New subscription solutions, optimized streaming and more topics for our members – now GeForce has just started its second year.

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