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V1.42, Open beta for new Texas DLC images

V1.42, Open beta for new Texas DLC images

(MST / – In the past an open beta test phase of a new version was first started for the American truck simulator and shortly afterwards for Euro Truck Simulator 2, this time version 1.42 is available directly on both trucks – simulations ready.

Convoy Online Multiplayer mode now supports mods as well

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Convoy focuses on introducing multiplayer mode and some minor updates and the most requested feature for general fixes.

In the future, mods can also be used in convoy multiplayer mode. To this end, developers must first clarify conceptual questions, find solutions to situations where change is no longer available or have changed, and how to deal with changes that are missing in the Steam workshop when starting a connection with a modified server. As a result, a new user interface was created that visualized the mod compatibility requirements for the server.

“Previously, we used a red or green icon next to the server session to indicate whether you can join the server, depending on whether the session is packed or having card compatibility or problems with different versions of the server. The MOD Sync UI allows you to download missing changes and then join, ”it says.

Updated mandatory feedback support

Not found a change locally but if available in the Steam workshop, it can be downloaded directly through the Steam browser without leaving the game. If a modification is used on a server not available in the Steam workshop and provided through a third-party website, players must purchase the required extension themselves. The server session can only be connected if all requirements are met.

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Force feedback profiles for steering wheels and controllers are also updated with V1.42. This means more devices will be used in the future with Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Since SCS does not have access to all the different controllers available for the software, the community is asked to contact the studio with feedback if there are compatibility issues.

Change Notes and Texas DLC Messages

Open beta can be downloaded via Steam via the library, right-click on American Truck Simulator / Euro Truck Simulator 2, and then via “Settings”, “betas”, “public_beta” and “1.42”.

A little note on the page: Screenshots of the revised user interface for original mod support are available in our galleries for both games. You can also find them at the American Truck Simulator Gallery New Images for Texas Expansion Recoverable.

American Truck Simulator – Open Beta Update V1.42 – Changelog:
Initial MOD support for convoy multiplayer

Added convoy session change UI for MOD compatibility and downloads.

-Force feedback has been updated and is available for more controller types on most computers (Linux)
-Steering wheel animation range system