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The PS5 announces the first 8K video game at 60FPS

Once that is done, the PS4 and PS5 will have a video game capable of hitting native 8K at 60 fps. Boom!


The game in question is called Tourist And created by Shin’n Multimedia. Before we get into the diatribe of whether having video games on 8k is really necessary, let’s take a look at what the performance of this highly restricted topic is.

Going to 8k, and the development team has confirmed this many times, the game’s internal renders a 7680 × 4320 Without Again And without the strange magic. So, on a theoretical level, there would be a sensational detail. However, there is one thing: the PS5, however, cannot produce 8K images on HTML2 2.1 because it stops at 4K.

But the “only” game in 4K shows a huge amount details. And a pleasant depth. After all, we are talking about a developer who is famous for his tech demos, so he can squeeze everything possible out of every pixel.

Tourist gira in 8k, ma solo su PS5

The PS5 announces the first 8K video game at 60FPS
PS5 announces first 8K video game at 60FPS (Photo: YouTube)

We will make it clear immediately that The Tourist is off Shin’n Multimedia is not the exclusive title for the Sony console Multiple site. So that’s how the shows are The Xbox Series? Strange, but this is a strange ordinary man, maximum performance on the Microsoft console They don’t reach 8K but stop at 6K So it has 5760 × 3240. Performance differences come from the internal configuration of the console: the PS5 features low-level graphics APIs.

On the other hand, the Xbox X Series has an internal structure. High computing power. Despite this lack of 2k clarity, the Tourist in the Xbox X series travels quietly with 60 frames without displaying any artifacts at 60 Hz. Then you can switch to it 120fps In fact, with a hardware device that supports this ratio, it allows you to enjoy the game better.

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But how does this computing power benefit the whole experience? Also, when you look at it, Tourist is a game created with a style that is somewhat reminiscent of Minecraft, but, unexpectedly, it is precisely this kind of Providing That extra power gives a smoother and smoother gaming experience. The development team was able to create a better resolution for PS5 without using 8k Shadow And in Shallow depth of field.

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In this feature, we can see the difference between 4K and 8k, in the depth of field. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in Shin’s multimedia, despite The Tourist’s extraordinary performance. New standard Even later consoles after the PS5 or Xbox series could not handle this resolution. The reason? Who will create the 8K screens that non-billionaire users want to buy?