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Using Chrome by default is absurdly complicated

Using Chrome by default is absurdly complicated

In Windows 11, changing the default browser (for example using Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge) has been lengthy and complicated, whereas up to now the process has been much simpler.

Microsoft Edge Sur Windows 11

Microsoft Edge Sir Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

Windows 11 is the latest version of the OS provided by Microsoft. There are a lot of beautiful things in this version, Especially in terms of design It has been revised and modernized. However, sometimes evolution sounds more like a setback than an improvement. However, unfortunately this is the case for configuration here Web browser On the default Your PC. Descriptions.

In Windows 11, when you open a link after installing a third-party browser, the operating system displays a window asking which software you would like to perform this operation with. By default, Microsoft Edge will be provided explicitly, but you will also have the option of choosing Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Or another (if you have it installed). Nothing new yet.

However, if you forget to check the “Use this app to open .xxx files” box at this point, things will get tricky.

Remember to check the box below to change your default browser in Windows 11

Windows 11 // Remember to check the box below to change your default browser. Source: Frontroid

Unnecessarily long process

A third-party browser – Chrome for example – will occasionally change a message you want to use to your default browser. If you accept, in the default application menu, you will be redirected to System Settings.

On Windows 10, This window suggests that you change your preferred web browser. In Windows 11, Microsoft has decided to make the task more complex. You must configure the application to use the default for each type of link and file: HTM, HTML, SHTML, PDF, WEBP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc.

Windows 11 makes it very difficult to change the default browser

Complicating the default browser transition, Windows 11 insists that you use Edge //. Source: Frandroid

In other words, if you do not take the time to check each box, Windows 11 can open your http links with Edge, but switch to Chrome for https. The process becomes unnecessarily lengthy. Eventually, Microsoft may offer an additional option, which allows for more customization for interested small users. It would have been so much better than forcing everyone to go through this bonding process.

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Competition grinds its teeth

It is always a good idea to offer extra specialization in the user experience, but it should never come at the expense of simplicity. Surprisingly, the competition didn’t like the gesture either. ” Since Windows 10, users have to take extra and unnecessary steps to set and keep their browser settings by default. These restrictions seem confusing and designed to prevent the user from choosing a non-Microsoft browser.செல, Selena Dekelman, vice president of Firefox condemnsOn the edge.

Microsoft is producing a newer version of Windows. What’s new, interface, installation, everything you need to know about Windows 11 is here.
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