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Coffins not found in Palermo: Orlando, Download on board

Coffins not found in Palermo: Orlando, Download on board

“After the Renzian component left the majority, the city council should have approved the three-year plan for public works last year. Ten months later, a plan has yet to be approved, thus blocking more than 500 million already planned works, and in particular the re-implementation of the fire and the municipal administration has already taken over the projects,” he said. Evidence for pit formation and intervention “

Mayor Leo Luca Orlando has encouraged the city to adopt a law that will be signed on the same day to prevent a graveyard emergency, with more than a thousand coffins waiting to be buried.

For this reason, in the face of the unacceptable behavior of this new majority, I accepted all responsibility. – He added – I also ordered the immediate implementation of the agreement for the use of more than a thousand sites with the tomb of Sant’Orsola. I call on the current city council for the suffering of family members and the rights of citizens, and with the current majority, this is not enough for the emergency we are experiencing. There are also mandate powers to compensate for non-compliance by municipal administrative bodies. I did this.

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