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Us - Test, Music & Party, Android, iPod, iPhone, PC, Nintendo Switch

Us – Test, Music & Party, Android, iPod, iPhone, PC, Nintendo Switch

Lots of hype

It doesn’t matter if it’s Minecraft, Pokemon GO or Fortnite: I’ve found that these mass events and so-called hype games rarely appeal to me. At first glance, a similar fate awaited us, because even I – even a Lego fan – could not get anything more out of Minecraft’s ugly module world, with its teleitapi stats and a simple design chased environment in seconds. From an audiovisual point of view, this ugly presentation is even harder for me to bear for a long time. So it’s a good thing that the rounds don’t last long anyway, the fun makes up for the scary background somewhat.

As is well known, policy is based on party classics such as the wolf (or mafia): here it is important to find and unleash saboteurs in a group of four to ten players. Like the cult film “The Thing From Another World”, they are similar to all the other customizable characters but have their own agenda. When you as a group do everything you can to do personal tasks in the form of personal mini-games, saboteurs secretly act against a common goal. On the one hand, it is caused by the sabotage of vital systems, such as the oxygen supply. At these crucial moments, players must find a terminal under time pressure and enter the storage code that was there. To prevent this, fraudsters can place artificial stones in the path of the crew by locking the doors and artificially slowing them down. On the other hand, fraudsters can also turn into murderers: players can be quickly and painlessly extinguished by an instant murder. At the same time, ventilation shafts are only available to those who cheat to move quickly from point A to point B. An advantage that can quickly turn into a disadvantage if you get caught up in an assassination attempt or use contractions – because you can observe the action directly from your restricted area of ​​vision or read the monitors in the surveillance room.

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Communication is everything

Is anyone already here with the intent to kill?

Communication is a decisive factor in the game: when you’re out with your character, it says “Pssssssst” – even if you’re killed in ambush, you ‘ll be quiet. If you stumble upon a corpse, it can immediately trigger a “vision alarm”. In this case, all the players come up with a living character and they suspect what happened and who is a killer. Spicy: Fraudsters can also trigger alarms and try to pay suspicion to others with outrageous lies. If a majority votes on a person, they will be removed from the game – even if they are actually innocent. In addition to locating the corpse, you can call an “emergency button” on each of the three cards, for example to report suspicious activity. Those who are unsure or want to get involved can certainly avoid voting. It will become especially bitter if you argue for your head and neck as an innocent person, but then the majority will be expelled from the game by the end. After all, untimely death does not mean the end: as demons, the dead can still provide valuable support to their comrades. The team will win the round if they master all the tasks. On the other hand, fraudsters emerge more successfully if they fail to fix key systems after the sabotage or outnumber the number of fraudsters.

The player wanted

To get started, you need at least four players. The larger the group, the greater the potential for fun, of course, revealed during our five-person team test rounds. Why? This is because the cheater, with his vicious acts of sabotage and / or assassination attempts, can win almost every round, thus putting the game balance in a bad light. In addition, the same player will often be cast for the role of automatic cheat, while others will not have their turn after several games. Often there is no discussion because a countdown is running or most of the crew was blessed a long time ago.