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Explore the Foundation Baylor with the Nintendo Switch

Explore the Foundation Baylor with the Nintendo Switch

To the museum despite being locked? Foundation Bexeller’s ART LAB’s digital construction project makes it possible. With the help of the Nintendo Switch game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, art and architecture enthusiasts can explore Renzo Piano’s museum building in the virtual world.

The museum wrote in a press release on Wednesday that the purpose of the whole thing was to show interest in the art of the whole youth.

(Video: Youtube / FondationBeyeler)

The ART LAB project, a group of young people interested in art, was developed in collaboration with art educators and sports expert Donja van Ruiz.

During the game you can browse through the beautiful park surrounding the Foundation Baylor, as well as discover well-known exhibits from the Malevich, Monet and Co companies within the museum. You can also find unique works from the current exhibition of the tour. For example, in the artist duo Fishley / Weiss’s Snowman on and Auguste Rodin’s Famous Thinker on.

To view the Foundation Baylor in the game “Animal Crossing”, players can enter code DA-8144-8773-0219, which will take them to “Baylor Island” in their virtual theatrical sleep, where they can tour the grounds, the museum writes.

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