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"Urban planning is too expensive"

“Urban planning is too expensive”

“Benini fulfills the responsibilities of supervisor, but true, for the eleventh time, another: I am former Ilva The bureaucratic term, which basically means ‘acquired from municipal property’, can be improved if the relevant administration submits to the government a comprehensive plan for the full recovery of the area, without specifying the specific financial insurance used to recover the buildings. In short, Ilva did not open everything or nothing “.

It should be announced Daniel P.C., Municipal Councilor of Lega in Phlonica.

“But that’s not all, because the order regulating these activities must specify not only the money for the restoration of the roof premises, but also the evidence for the maintenance of that area (buildings and land) for a period of less than 25 years. – Explains You pinch . In short, Ilva is a costly move that, by its very nature, will change the balance of the municipal budget and affect the growth of the entire city. What has been done so far has been like daisies: some parts (see La Leopolda and the Magma Theater) have been restored, while others are still waiting for money for extraordinary maintenance..

“From the documents I have, the documents submitted to Agenzia del Demanio and the supervisor so far cannot be considered a development project, but slightly more than a declaration of intent. Therefore, I am not surprised that the municipal administration is in the process of restoring the main wall, clock tower and square in front of the theater. – Ends கிள்ளுதல் –. Conferences and initiatives that have always ignored the economic aspect are only the beginning of seasonal promises. “.