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Everyone loves WhatsApp, the new voice messaging feature

Everyone loves WhatsApp, the new voice messaging feature


It came Share, E for Android iOS, The new voice messaging feature that everyone wants: no one can do without it.

WhatsApp, the new function of voice messaging: Revolution

Share, Born in 2009, soon established himself The most successful messaging application in the world. The classic SMS conversation of the past has been completely reversed by the arrival of many Emoticon, From the ability to send Photo e Video Very easy and from Video calls e Voice recordings.

WhatsApp, New Voice Messages Feature: Faster Messages

They are loved by some and really hated by others, but no one can deny that Voice messages They have now become a part of an owner’s life Skills. Their main purpose is to “help” the user to express themselves better and faster than writing. WhatsApp has facilitated users with a new feature : The function has arrived after several tests Speed ​​up voice messages For all iOS and Android users.

WhatsApp, New functionality of voice messages: New interface

With this a New interface This allows you to view the wavelength before sending the voice message. It is also possible to scroll down and speed it up: as soon as you start listening to the audio, on the right side of the message A button will appear to speed up the message Will halve its duration.

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