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Analyzing Digital Foundry Confirms Issues -

Analyzing Digital Foundry Confirms Issues –

GDA trilogy The protagonist of a moment Analyzes The technique developed by Digital Foundry and this method focuses on visualization Sub city e San Andreas, PS5 and Xbox Series X | With specific reference to S versions.

A few days after the analysis of the definitive version of Grand Theft Auto III, the English newspaper returned to talk about more chat. Remaster Classic episodes of the Rockstar Games series, but again without the exciting tones.

The article reads, “If there is one title that works better than the rest of the trilogy as a whole, it is Vice City.” “Perhaps because its original aesthetic is so‘ compatible ’ New style Of the definitive version. “

Talking again aboutRising Carried out by Artificial intelligence, Which works better in some cases, but not in others, but in technical solutions such as redesigned lighting system, cubemaps and other details.

San Andreas, on the other hand, seems to be there Less successful remaster A lot, with major issues related to character rendering and visual rendering in general, the situation in terms of performance is the same as described in the previous analysis.

I.e. on PS5 e Xbox Series X. In standard mode you will not travel beyond 30 fps but with major drawbacks related to frame speed control, 60 fps will not be stable even if you compromise on resolution in performance mode.

In short, the idea of ​​creating a remaster of GDA3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas has not yet come to Rockstar Games’ mind, especially if this is the result. We also talked about it in the GDA trilogy review.

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