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Microsoft is monitoring potential CMOS issues, confirms Phil Spencer

Microsoft is monitoring potential CMOS issues, confirms Phil Spencer

From Sarah Betsolt
While Sony has already fixed issues with the PS5’s CMOS battery, Microsoft is planning a similar solution. Xbox boss Bill Spencer said the development team was monitoring the CMOS issue and providing solutions if needed.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, has confirmed that Xbox developers are finding solutions to potential problems with the CMOS on the Xbox Series X / S. Previously, Sony had already helped with the update and enabled digital captions without CMOS.

Spencer: “We’re going to investigate.”

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S are equipped with a battery that powers the CMOS. Loss or damage to the CMOS battery may cause problems with purchased digital games, as CMOS stores system-internal data: In some cases, users may not be able to access these games if they do not have data related to CMOS. The purchased title can be restored by activating.

Sony has already released a patch to fix the problem, which is a real nuisance, especially for owners of the PS5 digital version. Now the PS5 will run digital content without any restrictions even if you have problems with the CMOS battery. But Microsoft is aware of this problem as well. Spencer told the Axios editorial board that the hardware team had heard the news and was exploring ways to do so.Maintain lasting relationships between players and the content they own“.

Spencer did not specify exactly what the possible fix would be on the Xbox Series X / S. However, it can be assumed that Microsoft wants to find a way to provide long-term access to games purchased by players regardless of CMOS.

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