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Urban cycling in Wehr - Wehr

Urban cycling in Wehr – Wehr

Citizens can show how many kilometers they traveled by bike in 21 days.

(BZ). From July 3 to 23, Wehr will focus on consistent movement, exercise, climate protection and team spirit. Through the “City Cycling” campaign, citizens are encouraged to get on their bikes.

Covering as many kilometers as possible on a bike in 21 days – this is about the campaign, which is funded by the government as part of the “Radkaldur” initiative. Teams should be formed in the company, school or sports club – two people count as one team. This campaign aims to strengthen the sense of community. The kilometers covered by the bike are credited to the participating teams by GPS tracking. To participate, you must register on the Stotradeln website. To track kilometers, participants must download the “Stotradeln-App”. So far, a total of 45 cyclists in eleven teams have registered. Ten pleasure baskets with products from the region will be added among the participants.

Information In Clemens Toma: Phone. 07762/808512

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