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Updates will be offered for another three years

Updates will be offered for another three years

LG will continue to provide Android updates for 3 years even if the smartphone segment is closed – Kigo

After several weeks of speculation, LG finally formalized the news : South Korean company closes its smartphone division. Slowly over the years, the news came as little surprise, except perhaps to the current owners
Smartphones LG What will happen to them? Will special support be provided for these customers? The answer is yes.

It has been pointed out that LG will actually be ordering updates Android For the next three years, but only for the latest and high-end models. Some mid-range models introduced in 2020 also benefit from upgrades, but only two.

“All smartphones LG Three iterations of the currently used high-end Android operating system updates will be available from the year of purchase, ”LG details on its site. Thus, the latest high-end LG smartphones can benefit from the next versions of Android. G Series, V Series, Velvet and Wing models are involved.

LG plans to exit its stake

As for the mid-range models, only the Stylo and K models are affected. These will benefit from Android 11 – currently in use – and Android 12.

This is good news for owners of LG smartphones, although some do not see this promise as enough. Others can be tested and get the latest model of LG smartphone. The South Korean company has indicated that its smartphones will go on sale after July 31, while the shares will last. If you plan to buy an LG phone, you can enjoy Android updates until 2024.

As for security updates, LG is the most avoidable; “Security software updates for some devices will continue to be provided for some time.” So these security updates can be applied every month, just like any other manufacturer, or at least every three months, for example.

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