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PS5’s 3D audio will be “essential” for future horror –

Horror fans can finally get their hands on it next month Resident Evil Village, A new chapter in Saga and a continuation of Citizen Evil 7 BioChart. Based on what we have seen so far, this new chapter is very scary. Many elements are needed to create that horror effect, at least not sound. The game can be used to advantage on the PS53D audio is a feature that is considered “essential” by the director di Citizen Evil Village.

In an interview with the official PlayStation Magazine (issue 187, May 2021), Morimassa spent positive words on Sato 3D audio, especially on the horror genre. Sato also believes it is one The key aspect for the future. His words in translation are here.

“For a game like Resident Evil Village, inStudy is an important aspect Game, I would say it [l’elemento fondamentale] 3D audio. In the Maiden demo you can enjoy a taste of the live: the footsteps inside the castle or the sounds of ‘something’ moving in the dark cellar as residents climb the stairs … the creation of 3D audio that makes spatial audio believable It exceeded my expectations. Horror, you need to create a presence beyond what you see on the screen, so I think 3D audio is essential for horror games anymore. ”

Resident Evil Village: 3D audio will be key

We remind you that Citizenship is available starting at Evil Village May 7, 2021. Aside from the Maiden demo, a second demo will be available soon, which has already appeared on the PS Store!

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