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Update 12.0.1 Improves stability, here’s how to download it

Switch welcomes new update. This improves the stability of the operating system. It also hides sensible improvements to the OS, according to a leaker, but they have not yet been exploited.

The switch, like all other consoles, receives regular updates. The latest is now available. This is version 12.0.1 It has been out since yesterday. It does not download automatically, so you need to go to options to get it.

To access it, nothing can be simpler. Run your console (logic), once in the main menu, Access settings By pressing the small cokewheel. Then, you have to go down as far as possible through the line and access in the menu In the console tab. You have to press Update Bureau Follow the instructions. If you have fiber, keep in mind that it should not take more than a few minutes to set up.

This new update will not drastically change the experience But improves the stability of the OS. The switch does not seem to experience accidents, but this connection should solve some of the problems mentioned.

Switch goes to version 12.0.1

As mentioned in the OatmealDome leak, this link brings in deep OS changes not mentioned in the patch note. It introduces a list of forbidden words to write, support for BDS sockets connection interface and most importantly, Bluetooth compatibility.

We told you about this a few days ago, and some are already looking at allowing Nintendo users to connect their Bluetooth headphones to their console. We checked, and there is still more There is no way to do that With this new update. However, this note predicts a change in the future connection. At least we believe so.

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It can also be a simplification Product for Switch Pro. As a reminder, this new updated model is not yet official, but leaks suggest it will be released from the end of 2021. In the menu of new features, an OLED screen and 4K compatibility.