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Halo Infinite

The final announcement for the summer was teased

Hollow should have been the release title for the Infinite Xbox Series X, but later Microsoft decided Postpone the game to 2021. The reason is that the first game that did not look like the next game reviewed the Play video.

So the developers got more time It was announced at the end of 2020The game will not come until the fall of 2021. Currently November in the roomBut that has not yet been confirmed. But the final revelation may come soon.


Developers at 343 Industries are sharing new details on their blog, so be it New screenshots from a few weeks ago, for example. What we have never seen before: A new game video from the end of Hollow.

Hollow Infinite must be in E3

But inside Recent blog post The developers have announced that fans are slowly getting tired and never want to read blog posts with 1,000+ words and a few pictures. You understand that they like videos, and it’s time to announce Hollow Infinite in full detail for the second time.

They have “wonderful plans” for the summer, which will be revealed very soon. I doubt it will represent E3 2021 Microsoft is participating this year. And the hollow is infinite Already rumored for the main text in the room. So within a month we will definitely know more.


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