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Total 97 - On, FPS promotes the other 74 games

Total 97 – On, FPS promotes the other 74 games

Published by MicrosoftFPS Boost To me 74 games Compatible Xbox Series XES, Bringing the total number of games that support this great feature to 97. The Redmond House performs very well in terms of customer service, constantly improving on a monthly, weekly, and rhythmic basis.

Note that many games compatible with FPS Boost are included in the subscriptions Xbox Game Boss And E.A. Play (included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription), so many will be upgraded without realizing it.

To make sure you can enable FPS Boost on supported topics, update your Xbox console to the latest version and restart correctly. In many cases, the FBS boost is automatic, but in most resource-intensive games it must be selected manually. If you do this, the resolution will decrease a little so as not to reduce the clarity.

To find out if the game you are playing supports FPS Boost, press Xbox button Then look at the indicator at the top right of the screen.

For thatComplete list Games that support FPS Boost and the improvements they make, Click here.

It was already rumored a few days ago in 74 new games with FBS encouragement.

Added FPS Boost to 74 new games

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