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Sur cette troisième image couleur renvoyée par Ingenuity aux ingénieurs de la Nasa, on devine encore les traces laissées par le rover Perseverance au sol. Mais d’autres images le montrent bien plus clairement. © Nasa, JPL-Caltech

Incredible picture of diligence taken by ingenious photography on the plane!

About ten days ago, ingenuity was the first motor-fitted and controlled craft to fly on a planet other than Earth. Since then he has already reconsidered twice. Provides us with breathtaking images of the surface of Mars. Today, unprecedented scenes of NASA rover perseverance taking the helicopter to the red planet.

April 19, then 22 and finally 25. The first flight History and two projects have already directed the engineers in charge of the project Ingenuity To test some important capabilities, it is possible to imagine, in the future, aerial missions to explore Mars. Especially check the navigation systemHelicopter Mars works well over relatively long distances and at high speeds.

It is perseverance, the Round Intelligence took us from NASA to the Red Planet, which has given us the most amazing images ever. Flight tests. He was able to film his achievements when he was posted a few dozen meters away from the helicopter’s take-off and landing runway. And some have created amazing collections of these images.

The first pictures taken with ingenuity

Today, NASA engineers reveal to us the images of diligence taken by the color camera of brilliance.

Incredible images of human technology exploring another world. They were takenIngenious helicopter On Sunday, April 25, 2021, it was about 85 meters from the rover – its maximum height – about 5 meters.

The images come after NASA released the first color image of Mars, which was cleverly taken a few days ago. An image captured on April 22 during a flight at an altitude of 5 meters. Traces left on the ground by six wheels Rover diligence – In the upper center of the image, parked outside the frame.