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Untitled new remake on PS5: Jason Schreier speaks!

Untitled new remake on PS5: Jason Schreier speaks!

While the current plans for the Naughty Dog House are still a mystery, the well-known video game journalist Jason Schreier Bloomberg publishes a rich report dedicated to the products that follow the famous The Last of S: Part 2.

The well-known author brings to the table a variety of blind tables, and the hypotheses associated with them remake in The Last of us Is destined to achieve PlayStation 5. According to Jason Schreier, who cited anonymous sources close to the project – the project was initially handed over to a small team of 30 talented developers. However, Sony is a team that has never been put forward Officially supported by the public or with large funds. Later, the project will be transferred from the video game company to the hands of its creators Naughty dog. The mysterious group – following Shreya – will then be removed by Sony.

But that’s not all: according to a well-known journalist, a better news story may be involved Bent Studio. The Oregon-based team would have seen it One day denied the growth of 2, Divided into two groups with creative power, both presented in support of the naughty dog. Will assist in the preparation of one of these A multiplayer game, Will be involved in supporting one growth per second New untitled. We use the past because, according to Schreier, this decision would have caused great dissatisfaction in the Bent studio, and it will Asked to separate Sony from the unmarked project, Fears that such involvement could lead to a merger in the future. According to the reporter, this wish was recently fulfilled and the Days Con editors are now involved in a new project.

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