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He dumps waste in open countryside, is caught by citizens and fined

He dumps waste in open countryside, is caught by citizens and fined

Another unpleasant chapter of rubbish and rubbish was largely abandoned in the meadows. It happened in Castellamontay, where a man first dumped garbage in the open countryside, but was later caught by police and fined.

Dump garbage in the countryside and impose fines

Download denials in open countryside, caught by police and fined. Friday, April 2, a CastellamontAt 10 a.m. in the village of San Antonio, some black people with no sense of citizenship dumped several black garbage bags, bags and other trash near the Orco Stream. It all happened in the Cosquinato area. An advanced gesture, because a passerby notices a “pig” getting into a white van, quickly leaves the place and by his mistake turns into another open dummy, even managing the vehicle registration number. At that time he approached the date of the “expulsion” and the note on the methods used by the uncivilized and drew it on a piece of paper.

Mark the pig

So the photos of the pile of waste being dumped in the meadows are completed and reported on social media. “The municipality of Castellamontே has for many years ensured that the grasslands and forests of our area are protected, and has set up awareness campaigns and environmental days – for which they explained that the municipality de Castellamont நக can no longer tolerate these signals and will impose fines on traffic offenders who have already been identified. Mayor Pascual Massa said: “Thanks to the police investigation, we already know about the owner of the van, the person responsible for dumping the waste in San Antonio. These things no longer have to happen.” Further evidence of the excellent work done by the Castellamont citizens on the basis of environmental surveillance They add from the police order, “Every illegal roundabout Environmental issues are also suppressed and allowed. ”

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