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"Unsustainable situation", ends in Brooklyn Nets-

“Unsustainable situation”, ends in Brooklyn Nets-

As if Kyrie Irving’s “grains” were not enough, the NBA entered the second telenovela: it James Horton. We see the (descending) parable of a controversial, acclaimed or hated player. Of course basketball is a skill on a personal level, except that basketball is a team sport above all else. But the situation in which Horton fell is even more ugly and more complicated because it goes beyond the debate over who he is and how effective he is in a team. And, in particular, how important it is to win (assuming he hasn’t won anything right now). No., «Barba, Now the nickname is easily deducted if you look at his face It has now officially become an intruder, a foreign organization, Among them Houston rockets Around him, during the administration of Mike de Antony, formed most of their hopes for the title.

Last Hour Update: Stephen Silas, From Mike to lead the Texans, The player in the gym was not accepted when training resumed: Home I told him to go home: now this is the best thing for us and him », this is the comment Coach. And, then, the news Trade con i Brooklyn nets, With a three-way contract Cleveland: Rockets get Garris Levert (shot in pacers for Victor Oladibo), Donte Xum, Rodion Crux, four insecure future first picks and four swap rights. The Cavaliers take Jared Allen Dorian Prince.

Let’s start with the events following the second (consecutive) home defeat against the Los Angeles Lakers, a blow that has changed a team from “important” playoffs in recent years. The end of the Western Conference. Horton made himself clear at the press conference: Were you wondering why we didn’t come back to the game? Of course not, we are not strong enough to do this. Not everything is as far as talent and team chemistry are concerned. It has been clear for a while. I love this city, I did everything I could to try to win, but now the situation is crazy. I do not think this is something that can be solved. Then, after giving him a “thank you” to those who asked him questions (only two journalists questioned him, Ed) Left and left. May have been attacked by Irving’s comedy in Brooklyn, The NBA was already considering whether to see Barba again in Texas.

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Horton, Beard of the NBA. Why this is an event and why not (or not)
A champion of separation

The Not allowing training was already a signal of war: This is often followed Exclude the next three games, Get away from everything. However, the problem of the beard is not born now. It lasted from the end of the last playoffs when the rockets were fired by the Lakers in the semi-finals of the Western Conference. On the flight that brought the team from Orlando’s “bubble” to Houston, Mike de Anthony announced his farewell and triggered a “domino” of changes involving the coach’s basic philosophy (ie small ball: game). Both in speed and, in fact, without the actual “Longs”) are individual players. Download Russell Westbrook, Sent to Washington in return John Wall, Even Horton is not immutable. But, rightly or wrongly, the most valuable asset of the exemption, Rockets do not want to sell it without adequate compensation. The point is, not all negotiations have departed or been sidelined.

This was the “alpha” point of Horton’s team frustration, which he never felt, and he was willing to take leave from it. He presented himself at the start of the new season Late and fat like a pig (For the record, the best format has not yet been found). He has an indescribable attitude: on the one hand he is an expert in decorating shirts (but did he have other options?), On the other he is lazy. Then, of course, he said what he could do here and there: on December 26 he scored 44 in the Portland Trail Blazers, 34 in the Denver Nuggets two days later and San Sylvestro 33 in the Sacramento Kings. But often he seemed careless, as if he was earning a living and saying, “You deserve me.” Beyond basketball, he got caught up in a strip club and was fined $ 50,000 for violating Leica’s anti-Govt rules (although his girlfriend’s “permission” is unknown).

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In the face of some behavior, it was right Wall, Selected by the Rockets in exchange with Westbrook, is considered the most compatible with the beard, in order to assign him a sting. After acknowledging it The relationship is “hard until now”, he said, removing the swimming water from his partner: First he reminded everyone that they had to go in the same direction, so he was invited to express himself in Horton’s words, after the initial “no comment” language began: his he was free to get his opinion. I can only control what I can control, and that is what I want to do as a player and as the leader of this team.

Team Leader: So Horton is no longer what he was, or who he thought he was. Brooklyn adventure now, but Everyone wonders if James Horton is really a winner, and a winner or an amazing circus talent. Maybe the second is better … hope is the same: Barba’s story doesn’t change … a beard.

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