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Video apology and directions on the road map

Video apology and directions on the road map

As Class action on CD Project Red for the Cyberbunk 2077 case, Polish software house has decided to return to address the video game community publicly.

Directly from the pages of the official Twitter account of the topic Markin Ivinsky, Co-founder of CD Project Red to personally apologize to the public. Apparently, the words of the administrator are dedicated to the problems with launching ambitious RPG on older gen consoles, Cyberbunk 2077 suffers from many problems, especially the original models PlayStation 4E Xbox One. Within five minutes of the video message, Ivinsky gave the public a glimpse of the software house: the video can be seen below.

In the video, the co – founder of the Polish software house admits that CD Project Red failed on the front of the old gen console. “The game does not meet our standards that we set ourselvesIvinsky and the entire administration apologize for the situation and urge the public not to blame the states for the developers’ plight. Cyberpunk 2077, Everyone has worked hard and given their best. Responsibility for the complex introduction of the game on the console – says Ivinsky – lies in accumulating power on the PC version and then modifying the version on the console, Underestimating However the difficulties of the process. It was the last-minute effort to improve the title on the PS4 and Xbox One that prompted the team to send Review key For these editions 2020 starts on December 8, more than originally expected. In all of this, he concludes that difficulties with infection have increased Govit-19 And the need to work from home.

At the same time, CD Project Red was released Marking road map Linked to the progress and refinement process of Cyberbank 2077. During the intervention, the administrator confirmed the exact timingCyberbunk 2077 January update is coming AndThe arrival of DLC and the next gen update of Cyberbank 2077.