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Unspecified - switch - ntower

Unspecified – switch – ntower

In fact we humans are very unique creatures. Some of us yearn for a particularly unique life; Others like to immerse themselves in the crowd. Even if this result has already caused one or the other their first existential crisis, the unspoken answer is clear: immerse yourself in the great crowd and do not let others find you. With the title, developer / publisher Crocevox is bringing a bed party game to the domestic Nintendo Switch.

You are one of many.

© Crocevox

The principle of the game is intuitive and easy to explain: you and your teammates are in a room full of robots that are randomly moving and disguised as people, so how are you. So you never know who you or your friends are. The aim of the game is to find your friends, ambush them as vaguely as possible and tap them with a skillful blow. Rather, it means that you should immerse yourself as much as possible between all the characters and behave like everyone else. As you unleash one or the other robot – and even your opponent – the greater the risk of identifying yourself with each successful maneuver.

On the Nintendo Switch the crossover hit the time of the release of the party game very badly. Despite the variety of communication restrictions that exist in many countries due to the epidemic, players are generally more likely to be in front of consoles again, but for some it is now much easier to sit together having fun online than watching TV at home. This is where the big sticky point emerges, which currently – but in general – controls the topic: Unspecified only offers local multiplayer mode for two to four players. Playing hide and seek alone in single player mode or online with other friends is unfortunately not supported at this point. An online mode would have been a good choice for such a party game, which is why its lack is so regrettable.

The fun in Unspottable extends to a total of 12 cards, which you can select specifically or randomly. Places are mixed and offer you multiple views. For example, the hide and seek game takes place in a supermarket, on a spaceship or in a prison. Each of the different cards has different attributes and can also affect the way you unleash your opponents or win the game. At the disco, for example, you can see the directions of the movement that all the figures follow. If one figure does not move in the rhythm of another, you can quickly identify what it must be like to be a team player. A certain multitasking skill is required here because if you want to unleash others, you have to move like a crowd. Also, with a few cards you have the opportunity to determine the game yourself without finding your opponent. At the sushi bar you will be given the task of collecting four dishes. If you have everything, you can simply leave – with success in your luggage.

The unspecified graphics are very humorous and not necessary for everyone. Personally, I liked the style and think it fits the title – this is what goes into the background music. This is different for each map you play and is completely identical to the respective location. For example, the music in the supermarket is much quieter than in the disco.

How long a game lasts is entirely up to you – there is no time limit. In a large menu like a supermarket, of course, it will take longer to find your opponent than a very small sushi bar. But individual rounds also vary depending on the style of play. So on large levels I caused a little unrest, knocked out robots, and then re-entered the crowd. However, in general, the lap is relatively short, which is why the whole thing feels repetitive after a while. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it with Unspotable. The title certainly creates one or the other fun moment when you lose your character in the crowd, don’t even find it at the beginning or you will be next to each other. In the end you only have to hit one robot.

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