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Unipol, Govt Impact on Deposits Symbri emits 10% PDP on balance sheet

Unipol, Govt Impact on Deposits Symbri emits 10% PDP on balance sheet

The Govt breaks insurance deposit e Unipol 2020 Closes accounts with a Consolidated net result 864 million (-20.5% compared to 2019). The normalized profit was 905 million, a significant increase (+ 23.6%) over the previous year, however, a note said. For this reason, after a halt ordered by authorities last year, The Board A dividend of 0.28 euros per share is proposed, which will be submitted to the shareholders meeting.

The Direct insurance deposit 12.2 billion, of which 7.9 billion (-3.5%) Damage And 4.3 billion (-26%) Vita. The Integrated ratio Clearly improving to 87% (94.2% in 2019) Solution, Which reached 214% (187% in 2019). The Board of Directors underscores the future evolution of management. “The performance of the insurance business is in line with the end of 2020, which is still conditioned by the effects of the epidemic. AnnBusiness performance and loss rate“For this reason, the Integrated Movement Decision for the current year” is expected to be positive and in line with the goals defined in the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan.

For Portfolio management, Is uniform Reduced the weight of Italian government bonds from 50.1% to 42.2%. The share of investments in stocks also decreased by 30% per annum, with the weight of bonds generally rising to 86.8%. All – underscores the company – progress in diversificationProperty allocation.

For The subsidiary is Unipolsai, Financial statements are covered with a Consolidated net profit was 853 million euros, A significant increase (+ 18.3%) compared to 721 million in 2019, which was excluded as a result, Bolognese said, recurring costs not derived from contracts signed with related unions. Solidarity Fund And other forms of early retirement benefits (equivalent to 66 66 million in taxes).

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The Direct insurance deposit, A 12.9% decrease from 31 December 2019 (14,014 million) to a total of மற 12,210 million in external reinsurance, the loss rate affected by the effects of the health emergency caused by the Govt-19 epidemic affecting business operations. In Non-life sector, Direct deposits were $ 7.882 billion in 2020, down 3.5% from the $ 8.167 billion achieved in 2019.

The Collection of Auto Premiums This is 3. 3.985 billion, up from 4. 4.178 billion (-4.6%) in 2019, hit by the campaign #UnMesePerTe, Which was offered to all customers to repay a monthly premium under current Motor DPL policies and to be paid from the competitive pressure of the average motor DPL premium. The Non-auto sector 3.896 billion (-2.3% compared to 3,989 million in 2019), and this is declining significantly thanks to the marketing of specific products related to health emergencies.

In the non-life sector, direct deposits for 2020 were $ 7.882 billion, down 3.5% from the $ 8.167 billion reached in 2019. Non-life sector pre-tax results were 10 1.105 billion (698 million in 2019, net of 782 million net of follow-up fees related to solidarity funds).

In the life sector, the Unipolzoy Group recorded a direct deposit of 32 4.328 billion in 2020, a decrease of 26.0% ($ 5.847 billion in 2019), not only in relation to the health emergency consequences, but also to a significant amount of contracts in the pension fund branch, which is related to the adopted business policies above all else. Compared to 2019 with the level of production, the period intended to have risks.

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In detail, Unipolsai reached a direct deposit of $ 3.099 billion (-24.0%) The ark of life, In association with the subsidiary Arca Vita International, 1.140 billion (-32.0% compared to 1.676 billion in 2019). The Department of Life’s pre-tax results were $ 73 million, up from $ 239 million normalized in 2019, due to a lower contribution to financial management, by 2020, with higher losses in realization.

L ‘Credit index In terms of consolidated, economic capital, 277% of the required capital is equal to 2 (252% as of 31 December 2019), again net of dividends. Unipolsai proposes to meet shareholders to distribute a dividend of .1 0.19 per share, an increase of 18.7% compared to 2019.