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Release, a trailer announces the new chapter of the fantasy series -

Release, a trailer announces the new chapter of the fantasy series –

Calypso Media announced Disciples: Liberation, The New chapter Of the series Imagination-based strategies, Loved by enthusiasts. To understand what we are talking about, think about the classic Heroes of Might and Magic.

The Disciples series has, in fact, always been a good success, even though it has been hidden from view for many years, and has been criticized by many, except for the third chapter. However, we hope to make a big comeback in terms of liberation. Let’s study what that would be Key Features Of the game:

  • 80+ hours Compaqna in single player: Enjoy an epic dark fantasy over three acts, with more than 140 trips and five unique results to unlock
  • Explore the war-torn world: Explore the vast ruined world and discover its endless secrets, hidden treasures and bloodthirsty past.
  • Write your own History– Define your place in the world by choosing from four talented classes and adding members from different categories for your cause
  • Create one Foundation– Make journeys to acquire valuable resources and use your political skills to create a place to gain strategic and asylum.
  • Fight for your life: Deploy 50+ units and build an army to suit your style of play; Master both steel and characters in battle based on complex twists.
  • Deadly Boss Challenge – Test your courage and fight your team with creepy monsters and beasts, each with a unique strategy
  • Choice is important: Let your decisions guide your destiny and directly affect the type of leader you can become
  • Fight with your friends: Accept the ultimate challenge and fight for supremacy in 2 player online conflicts
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Now let’s look at some game pictures:

Disciples Liberation03

Disciples Release02

Disciples Release01

Disciples Liberation05