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Undefeated and loses 89-74 in the "short" dynamo series

Undefeated and loses 89-74 in the “short” dynamo series

Two appearances due to injury (Pentzius and Trier) and the moderate performance of some players led to defeat on the back field of the series: 89-74. Beyond the two-figure deficit of “4” a dynamo has really moved away, certainly less motivation and aggression than the hosts who blocked Biancoble’s eight consecutive wins from Poseidon.

Sniper Pentzius and his natural transition without Trier (Estonian is on the bench, but the ankle hurts) starts at the quintet with coach Boseko Cruskin and Burnell moves from “4” to mark the scola. However, the first tear is given when joining the hop plan: 9 ‘in +9, 11-20.

The departure of Spice and Pilan removes the defense from the safari attack, with Varis recovering from a counter attack from Scola (20.22 at 11 ‘), but the return of Pilan, who speaks well with the hop, gives Dinamo a new tone: 20’ at 13 ‘. However, Safari did not make a basket beyond the curve (0/5), while Waris does specifically with Douglas: his fifth triple closes the 21-5 shot for Waris, which is almost three-pointers: 41-34. However, the joy is unstoppable and the first triple of the Gentiles from Saachari brings both teams back to rest: 41-39.

In the third quarter, Dynamo’s defense on the bow is very careful (good Gentile in Douglas) and gives hope for a turning point that Kruzlin and Spice do not triple: very effective and clear with Varese from +2 to 25 ‘-6 in the third quarter.

In the final fraction, Spice’s triples are tied with Pilan’s basket 8-0, beating the score: 62-64 in the 32nd minute. But Varis has more energy, finds baskets from everyone and puts an opposite brake that allows them to go 71-64 in the 35th minute.

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The game ends there, because Spice is so lonely that the rest of the team will melt away.

Openjopmedis Veris: Bean 4, Morse 8, Schola 9, De Nicola 6, Razier 17, Straddins 11, De Vico Ne, Ferrero 6, Douglas 22, Egpunu 6. All. Pullari.

Banco de Sardekna Sachari: Mostly 19, Plan 15, Trier Ne, Cessa Ne, Cruzlin 4, Hop 15, Martis Ne, Cuttack 7, Re Ne, Burnell 7, Cantini, Gentile 7. All. Poseco.