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The asteroid, classified as "dangerous," will orbit the Earth in March

The asteroid, classified as “dangerous,” will orbit the Earth in March

The asteroid, which will be the largest to graze Earth in 2021, is fast approaching

It will go very close to our planet. Next March 21 a Asteroid Named “2001 F032”, it will be the largest of 2021, grazing the earth. This phenomenon occurs naturally every year without any risk. But NASA still classifies the asteroid as a “dangerous object” as it passes near the Blue Planet. Science and life.

A space body is considered “dangerous” when it crosses or comes very close to Earth’s orbit, thus causing the risk of collision.

Bigger and faster

But don’t panic! The probability of impact with the Earth is still very low. It will pass about 2 million kilometers from our head. Its size is estimated to be 0.767 to 1.714 km in diameter, which is why it is compared to the famous San Francisco Bridge Golden Gate.

This is good news for astronomers and other star enthusiasts because it can be seen through a telescope. Not only is this one of the biggest asteroids you can find, it is also very fast. Its speed is more than 34.4 kilometers per second (124,000 km per hour).

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