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Ubisoft formalizes Splinter cell remake, transforming it into a game for the next generation!  |  Xbox One

Ubisoft formalizes Splinter cell remake, transforming it into a game for the next generation! | Xbox One

Unfortunately the Splinter Cell is one of the eighth generation consoles that did not benefit from the original Opus. Expected for many years, Ubisoft has formalized the arrival of Sam Fisher so players can finally retire. Earlier in the week, we were talking about one Brand renewal Splinter cell, it’s not a coincidence by any means!

A Splinter Cell remake under the Snowdrop engine

This announcement of the French giant brings joy to some and disappointment to others. In fact, contrary to the rights that players expect, the license will not benefit from the new chapter.

The publisher has announced the full remake of the first installment of Splinter Cell. Rest assured, this is by no means a simple facelift of the first episode, but rather a complete transformation of the game! With that, Go to split Benefit from the technologies of the Snowdrop Engine and be used on the same machine Avatar: Boundaries of Pandora Massive entertainment, but also sports Star Wars From the same studio.

Why use the next gen engine for the remake? In order to deliver the next gen scenes, Kamble, Dynamic Lighting and Shadows will showcase the power of the latest consoles and make the series popular.

A distant exodus, but an ambitious product

You can say it right away, do not expect the game to get in your hands at any time. The Splinter Cell remake is still in its early stages of development. However, there is one thing that needs to be promised, as developers are told to respect the feel of the first games of the license.

Although we are in the early stages of development, we are trying to keep the feel of the early games, in all the aspects that gave the early Splinter cell its identity.

Therefore, Ubisoft explains that the game will be redone from A to Z and that some design elements related to players’ expectations will be redesigned. The Splinter Cell remake will definitely be a linear game and not an open world that players can dread.

Undoubtedly, this redesign risks bringing fresh air to Ubisoft, which in recent years has provided open worlds that are sometimes a bit bland. Here, the developers explain that they will be happy to work in small areas, which benefits from paying special attention.

Every square centimeter is part of a selection, or provides a selection directly, or has a direct branch. This density of play is at the forefront in the Splinter cell, and it will be very, very important to us.

The studio broadcasts many things using this important announcement Jobs, Proof that the project is still in its infancy. However, it should be noted that the first product developed by Ubisoft Toronto was nothing else Splinter Cell Blacklist. Developers explain that they have a license in their DNA!

While the previous generation has been criticized a lot for its many lazy redesigns, it wants to have the most respect for its video game tradition. Dead Space . We can not wait to see the work that covers all aspects of the game: “Light and Shadow, Animation Technology, Gamble, AI and even Audio”.

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