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Peter Molineux -'s new game already sells for $ 52 million on NFT

Peter Molineux –’s new game already sells for $ 52 million on NFT

Legacy New game created Peter Molinex And his indie team focused on using 22Cans NFT And its own cryptocurrency, to start successfully with an organization Bought virtual land for $ 52 million In the game world.

The famous British developer announced the launch of the Legacy project just a few days ago and the decision based on it immediately came as a big surprise. Blockchain Ethereum, Which allows you to buy and sell virtual land with a new cryptocurrency called NFT and LegacyCoin. However, considering that it is only planned to launch in 2022, the idea seems to have convinced many, as the sale of the land started immediately, even though the game did not actually come out.

In practice, this is a management software in the classic style of the author who created Popolous and contributed to other elements between Bullfrog and Lionhead, such as theme park, syndicate and more, in which we can buy a land. Use it to run various businesses with others in the sports world and general legacy economy.

Legacy, overview of a city

According to the RockPaperShotgun report, the sale of virtual land for Legacy has already begun and has already been purchased at NFT for about 52 40 million, equivalent to about $ 52 million. These led to the depletion of approximately 14,000 Ethereum, or .5 40.5 million worth of real, equivalent land available.

“Having land in NFT allows you to start your own business Business With Galaxy-related in-game blockchain, “Gala Games explained, 22Cans, a specialized cryptocurrency and video game company, collaborates with you. Through these businesses you can access legacy keys that can be passed on to others who want to start a business on Legacy, thus creating associations and sharing revenue on LegacyCoin.”

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On the other hand, we have also seen that $ 100 million a week is spent on virtual lands on various Metaversi, so this business is destined to meet a huge success (at least initially).