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Uber Introduces New Privacy Center For Application Users

Uber Introduces New Privacy Center For Application Users

For International Data Security Day, Uber is bringing the Data Security Center to applications. Passengers and drivers can view their own data there and adjust data security settings.

To mark International Data Protection Day on January 28th, Uber is launching a new Privacy Center in its applications. Passengers, drivers, couriers and Uber Eats customers can view and download their own data and adjust privacy settings there.

The new Privacy Center will be integrated into Uber and Uber Eats in the coming days, according to a statement. If you want to try it now: About Web version It may already be called.

Information about what Uber drivers see about riders

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The driver’s view shows what information the Uber driver receives about passengers – what not.

Customization options

Personalized advertising and data

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In the overview you can see how Uber collects and uses personal data. On the one hand, frequently asked user questions are answered, on the other hand you will find graphics in the title.

Users can download a copy of the personal data that Uber collects or creates about them while using the service, using the download function.

You can also customize advertising and data systems. Data sharing is enabled by default. If you want to change this, check out the web version below Ads and data Menu item Uber Marketing. Use the slider to disable the option. Settings for this Uber Eats Marketing Are listed separately.